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2018-04-24 - New members join Interlan Association

During the General Assembly of 24 April 2018 of the members of the Interlan Association, Allnet Telecom SRL, Comunicații Starnet Media SRL, Conect Intercom SRL, EFX Invest SRL, Fidelnet SRL, Impuls Conect SRL, Metropolitan Interlink SRL, Speednetwork SRL, Teleplus SRL, Top Telecom SRL were adhered as full rights members.

2018-04-24 - The General Assembly of the members of the Interlan Association

The General Assembly of the members of the Interlan Association is organized on 24 April 2018. The Managing Board was voted, represented by: Cristian Copcea (Vice President), Adrian Călineață, Adrian Râpă, Gabriel Sârbu, Valentin Tipu and Nicolae Căpușeanu. The Association’s management activity report was presented and the financial statements for the previous year were approved.

2018-04-17 - The EURO-IX FORUM

Between 15-17 April, in Galway, Ireland, the 32st Euro-IX Forum is taking place, the Interlan Association taking in this event as a full rights member of the organization. The participants discuss aspects related to peering, interconnections and regional cooperations.

2018-04-16 - Ada Voice becomes a traffic partner in InterLAN Internet Exchange

Ada Voice becomes a traffic partner in InterLAN Internet Exchange.

2018-03-22 - RETN becomes a traffic partner in Interlan Internet Exchange

RETN becomes a traffic partner in InterLAN Internet Exchange. Being a leading international network service provider, RETN offers data transmission services in East Europe, Russia and worldwide. RETN stretching across 29 countries and 3 continents and improves the connection with the largest telecommunications nodes in the world.

2018-03-21 - Telin becomes a traffic partner in Interlan Internet Exchange

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia the largest telecommunication and network provider from Indonesia becomes a traffic partner in InterLAN Internet Exchange platform by optimazing the acces routes to content for the network operators and bringing the content closer to end users to improve their experience.

Telin won for the third time the prestigious global carrier industry award, Carriers World Awards (CWA) 2017.


2018-03-20 - Oath-Yahoo becomes a traffic partner in Interlan Internet Exchange

Oath-Yahoo! interconnects to the InterLAN Internet Exchange platform creating a connection to one of the most visited applications in the world. The Yahoo app builds communities through sharing stories from around the world for more than 300 million people.



2018-03-18 - InterLAN joins the AS112 project by providing an anycast instance to respond DNS queries

The AS112 project is a group of name server operators in an autonomous system running anycasts instances of name servers that respond to reverse DNS queries for private addresses and private networks sent to the Internet. The distributed sink for queries sent to non-unique IP addresses helps reduce the load on the authoritative servers due to this kind of ambiguous queries by their nature which can not be answered corectly. It is named after the Autonomous System Number (ASN) that has been assigned to it.

InterLAN is one of the volunteer operators participating in the AS112 project. Anycasts prefixes of this project are advertised in InterLAN platform by a dedicated server that has peering sessions with Exchange Route Servers, this way the service is automatically available to network operators connected to these RSs.
More details about this project and how it works can be found here:

2018-03-07 - On 6 and 7 March 2018, InterLAN attends CEE Peering Days in Berlin

On 6 and 7 March 2018, the annual international conference CEE Peering Days takes place in Berlin, Germany. Experts, engineers, peering managers, internet service providers, and data center operators from Central and Eastern Europe are participating in the event. The first edition of this conference took place in 2013, with over 200 participants each year with the support of the most important organizations in european community.

The conference program includes two days of technical workshops and presentations on various topics of general interest, as well as bilateral meetings.

InterLAN attendees had discussions with others on various on-going partnerships as well as business opportunities.

More details can be found on the event website:

2018-03-06 - The Romanian Fiber Optic Conference conference on Smart Connexions of Tommorow takes place on 6 March

The Romanian Fiber Optic Conference is the most anticipated event of the Romanian industry and this year is held on March 6 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital. The event will be structured in two sections and will include presentations and debates on national themes of common interest.

According to its stated purpose, this year’s Smart Connexions of Tommorow edition aims to be a catalyst for ideas and an environment conducive to the exchange of experiences, the chosen theme being an argument in favor of forecasts for the future, helping the target make business decisions favorable to their business.

The delegation of Interlan Association participates in the event, the members of the delegation having several talks with other attendees. More details about the event can be found at