The Largest Romanian Interconnection Platform

2018-10-11 - Growth is in the air – Interlan Internet Exchange ecosystem upgraded at 100 Gbps in Frankfurt!

InterLAN Internet Exchange, the largest neutral IXP in Romania for data traffic and internet exchange consistently reached in the recent months an aggregate traffic peak of over 150 Gbps.
As a result of traffic growth in Frankfurt, the interconnection capacity was increased to 100 Gbps.
InterLAN brings together and serves more than 100 operators: internet access service providers, content providers, internet domain name service providers, educational networks, banking and financial companies, social media platforms, public institutions. InterLAN hosts 5 out of 13 DNS root name servers: D-Root (University of Maryland), E-Root (NASA AMES Research Center), F-Root (Internet Systems Consortium) Root (operated by Verisign), K-Root (operated by RIPE NCC) and L-Root (operated by ICANN).
Currently, InterLAN Internet Exchange platform has 135 connected ports with an aggregate capacity of nearly 800 Gbps.