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2022-09-30 - The seventh edition of the RONOG event took place on September 29, 2022

The seventh edition of the RONOG event took place on September 29, 2022 in Bucharest, where representatives of telecommunications network operators and relevant organizations from Romania and the region participated. The event brought together over 130 participants who addressed topics related to the directions of Internet development, perspectives and challenges faced by telecommunications operators in Romania, the security of networks and information systems, the benefits offered by connecting operators to traffic exchange platforms of the Internet, the implementation of 5G technology in Romania, testing and measurement operations of network parameters, Wi-Fi 6, the influence of Unix in the emergence and development of the Internet in Romania on a large scale

The event was attended by representatives from companies that offer internet access services, data transmissions, voice services, cable TV, server hosting and internet domains, as well as from regulatory authorities, equipment and security solution providers. and so on Among the speakers stood out: Gergana Petrova (RIPE NCC), Alexandru Rotaru (RoLink), Radu Ghidiceanu (ANISP), Eric Băleanu (InterLAN), Nermine El Saadany (Internet Society), René Fichtmüller (Global NOG Alliance/Flexoptix), Fredrik Korsback (AWS), Gergana Petrova (RIPE NCC), Cătălin Dănilă (Tele-Grup), Nicolae Oacă (telecom consultant), Marcin Bala (Salumanus), David Huberman (ICANN), Virgil Truică (Path) and Bogdan Cojocaru (Tele -Group/Ekahau).