The Largest Romanian Interconnection Platform

2023-09-28 - The eighth edition of the RONOG event took place on September 27, 2023

The eighth edition of the RONOG event hosted by the Interlan Association took place on September 27, 2023, in Bucharest, where representatives from telecommunications network operators and professional organizations from Romania and the region participated.

The event brought together over 150 participants who addressed topics related to updating interconnection platforms, challenges of gigabit-speed transmissions in high-speed optical networks, best practices for cable testing, the Internet’s biggest BGP incidents, anomaly detection in huge datasets, a new service of radio communications through Global Radio System technology, as well as ways to engage in creating connections between unconnected communities and environments

The RONOG community thanks the sponsors who made the event possible: Tele Grup, ISOC, TP-Link, ISC, NXDATA, RIPE NCC, Kentik, IPHOST, Flexoptix, DCN Europe, Salumanus, Neterra, RETN, Echo Technology Solutions, Chroot, Esphere, Global Radio System, VIVA Telecom, EXA Infrastructure, and MikroTik, as well as the supporters: Euro-IX and the Special Telecommunications Service of Romania.

Press releases were published by various online publications: Media Expres, Agerpres, Ziarul, Communicate de, Revista